Why Should you are learn React.JS

2 min readMay 7, 2021

Here are our top 10 reasons why you should choose React.

1. React is declarative

React uses declarative instead of imperative syntax. It’s a simpler way of developing apps, and you can learn why here.

Basically, React is faster to develop with because you don’t need to tell the app how to represent the state — you just need to say what you’d like to happen. It’s quick, it’s easy, and there’s less room for human error.

2. React Native makes app development easier

You may have heard of the phrase “Write once, run anywhere” before. React Native brings that kind of philosophy to React with “Learn once, write anywhere”.

Once you understand the basic architecture and thinking behind React, you’ll be able to develop fully functioning apps for both Android and iOS. You won’t have to learn two different ways to represent your app.

3. The React community is amazing

React has a massive community of dedicated developers. The community helps to maintain and grow the open-source library, with everyone able to contribute their own components to the library.

4. React is all about Reusable Components

React saves you time and money on development because it’s component-based. You can break down an interface into reusable components that allow you to build dynamic user interfaces.

5. React is used by huge organisations

There’s a reason why React is so popular, and that’s because it’s been proven to perform at scale. React was originally created by Facebook, who now use it in many of their apps.

6. React is SEO-friendly

React is widely recognised as the friendliest JavaScript library for SEO purposes. While React in itself isn’t SEO-friendly (like all JS frameworks), React embraces SEO and its components are easier for Google to crawl.

7.React is unopinionated

React is also unopinionated. It won’t force you to use certain types of forms or routing. Instead, the choice is yours, so you can respond more dynamically and adapt to your users’ changing needs.

8. You’ll increase your earning power

React is at the forefront of our field right now. That’s because JavaScript is flexible, and working in it allows you to break down the silos between front-end and back-end, freeing you up to work across both.

9. React has a fast learning curve

Compared to other libraries, frameworks or programming languages, React is relatively easy to learn. It isn’t a heavyweight framework like Angular, and it’s intuitive.

10. React fully embraces JavaScript

JavaScript is at the forefront of current thinking in the development field. React is a JavaScript library that makes full use of JS’s capabilities.